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Age Diagnosed With IBC:


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Brief Story:

I was diagnosed at 29 weeks gestation. Being ER+, PR+, and HER2-, it was in my best interest to start chemotherapy immediately. I had a cesarean section shortly following the first round of chemo; delivered a healthy preemie.

How You Got Through Treatment:

Although my newborn added another challenge: the baby, combined with my mom, husband, and 11-year old son is what contributed to my focus on treatment and definitely got me through some difficult times. I wanted to be around to raise my boys. Since my diagnosis, I have buried both of my parents to sudden cancer diagnoses. These experiences have fueled my passion behind guiding women who are newly diagnosed and thriving to help others by showing concern and love by bringing them together for meetups in the Houston area. Due to my efforts, the meetups have impacted women globally as many women relocate to the Houston area for treatment. My journey has ignited a strong appreciation for the things in life that cannot be replaced. Love those around you, hold them tight and cherish those memories. I am sharing my story because of those who have not survived; I want to be the voice for them. I hope my story compels you to take action within your life.

Advice For Those With IBC:

* It’s okay to be emotional. Everyone has bad days, but try to keep the days short and not lead into bad weeks or months. * Surround yourself with positive people. People that want to do everything in their power to lift your spirits; and don’t constantly want to talk about cancer. * If people want to help, create a short list of things that will help. Mention several things/areas in which they can help to allow them to decide what works best for them. Accept the help, it will ease the burden of daily tasks & stress.

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