Our “Because Research Matters” T-SHIRTS are available!

Order your t-shirt now to support IBC research.

We hope you will join us as we put our message out to the world.

Because Research Matters

We think this simple message sums up our mission well.  Awareness is important and we know that IBC education is an area that needs improvement globally, but without research, how can we expect to see better for women and men who currently have IBC?  Research funding is key.

Help us share our message and fund research.  Pick up a “Because Research Matters” shirt, wear the heck out of it.  Make it your mainstay and share it with #researchmatters on social media.

Suggested donation of $25 per shirt but we will send your shirt with any donation over $10 using this form below.


This shirt is a Unisex Glidan Soft Style, 100% Cotton with minimal shrinkage, run true to size and we will start mailing out shirts Oct 4, 2017


PS, a special thank you to Christin Boisse and Tess Skaggs for design work!

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