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Brief Story:

I was diagnosed with stage IV left Inflammatory breast cancer with mediastinal lymphadenopathy as well as lymph nodes in the bilateral supraclavicular region. I was on Taxotere, Carboplatin and Herceptin regimen with added neulasta. After my doctor told me to “get things in order” of what my wishes were for my 3 and 12 year old it made me realize how serious this truly was. I took as much time as I needed before I told anyone that was not being directly affected. This was extremely overwhelming but to take some added heartache away I had my husband and mother relay information that would avoid me from repeating information and also helped me from hearing people breakdown time after time.

How You Got Through Treatment:

It was very important for me to keep a positive environment around me the best I could and that also means telling people who feel they must cry with you to please not because somedays it takes all you got to be uplifted and sometimes you just don’t have enough for two. Cancer has a way of stripping away all pride, even if you feel you have none. So it’s easier to hang that hat up early if possible and ask all who can, to help. And never refuse any, some blessings come from people we least expect.

Advice For Those With IBC:

- Somedays you will feel good and some days bad, on those bad days tell yourself “I will feel better tomorrow”.

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