//Kicking Cancer Across Texas 2017
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ibc-kicking-cancer-across-texas-2017We are calling all Texans, displaced Texans, and even wanna-be Texans to help us. We want you to help us fight inflammatory breast cancer by funding research. We are hosting a Kicking Cancer Across Texas campaign. The plan is to make a team in honor of your favorite Texas city. A location might be your favorite as is your hometown, or had your first kiss there, or made your first million! Any reason can be a reason to pick a city. Select one of over 1,200 incorporated cities in Texas, make a team, set a small goal and ask your friends to donate. What will we do with the funds? We will fund research for IBC. Anyone who donates $25 or more will get a special edition “Because Texas” t shirt!

Why a virtual campaign and not a physical one?

One word. Harvey.

The damage was huge to so many dear Texas cities, that we want to be sensitive to that. But cancer doesn’t care about Harvey and creeps on, so we want to pull in our very important grassroots support. We depend on donations from people in the community to help us achieve our mission of funding research. The plan is simple and we know it will work. Just look what JJ Watt did for Houston with his campaign! People want to give. We might not be JJ but we know people care. So pony up, pick a city, set a goal and ask friends to join in.

Let’s fund some research.

BTW, if you live in an area not impacted, and want to host an event, please do! We would love your support!

Want more than one shirt? You will see the form as you go through the donation process.

Learn more in our video below