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The Hunt for Hope pages are ready!

This is a quick 2 step process that will take just a few minutes!

Everyone will start at our website with a link special to your Hunt.

Step #1:

Choose the hunt you want to participate in. This is the first step and everyone will start here.  You can donate, pick up a t-shirt and sign the waiver.

Utah: https://www.theibcnetwork.org/hunt-for-hope-utah-2019/
Florida: https://www.theibcnetwork.org/hunt-for-hope-florida-2019/
Ohio: https://www.theibcnetwork.org/hunt-for-hope-ohio-2019
Texas: https://www.theibcnetwork.org/hunt-for-hope-katy-texas/
North Carolina: https://www.theibcnetwork.org/hunt-for-hope-northcarolina-2019/

Step #2:

Then you will be prompted to go to the second step! Reason2Race, a site that mirrors the event.  Here you can set a goal, why you wish to be a part of this.  Your page here can drive others to sponsor you by donating or even joining you!

Florida: https://my.reason2race.com/cause/IBCNetwork/HuntforHopeFlorida2019
Ohio: https://my.reason2race.com/cause/IBCNetwork/HuntforHopeOhio20190
Texas: https://my.reason2race.com/cause/IBCNetwork/HuntforHopeTexas2019

Our website is very fast and efficient just like the Reason2Race site, so this should be something you can do in just a few minutes.  And it is very mobile friendly!

Any feedback?  Need anything, please let me know.  We are looking forward to seeing you at an event or online!


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