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The IBC Network is a proactive foundation that will fund research, education and remember the men, women and children affected by Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

2018 Meet ups!

IBC Meet up! Rare?  We don’t think so.  We are real women [...]

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The New Normal

People have mentioned I have been awfully quiet lately. I suppose that’s because sometimes I [...]

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One in a Million

We are on the brink of a huge milestone. Read the following or view our [...]

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Kate Strosser

Kate, in a light moment. It is with sorrow we announce the passing [...]

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Privacy Policy

The IBC Network Foundation strives to take reasonable measures to protect your information, this Policy [...]

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Who do you love?

Please join us for an Instagram challenge by posting a picture of someone you love [...]

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2017 Meet ups!

Rare?  We don’t think so.  We are real women living with inflammatory breast cancer.  Please [...]

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Bo’s IBC Story

We hear all the time, "Why is IBC not more well known?"  IBC is viewed [...]

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What is Pinktober? Love it or hate it, it is coming. Pinktober Race [...]

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It was one of those moments.  I was standing at an information booth on IBC.  [...]

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“Let’s Raise a Racket!”

Pecan Grove Plantation Tennis Club is hosting a tournament to benefit the IBC Network Foundation. [...]

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Christin’s story

Hi there, I’m Christin! I’m honored to write a guest post for the IBC Network [...]

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31 Days of October

Update! Due to popular demand, this will be an annual event!  Join us!  The IBC [...]

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Dr. Google can save lives, but also can get it wrong.

Some poor information regarding Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Please see update June 18, 2016 [...]

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The MBC Project

The IBC Network Foundation honored to be a partner with the Metastatic Breast Cancer Project. The [...]

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2016 Meet ups!

2016 IBC Meet Ups!     Rare?  We don't think so.  We are [...]

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