About IBCNetwork

The IBC Network is a proactive foundation that will fund research, education and remember the men, women and children affected by Inflammatory Breast Cancer.


Risa Betti Field March 1, 1969- April 23, 2019 Risa was one of [...]

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DSC 2018 Lecture Series-Dr. Naoto Ueno This CME lecture [...]

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How To Navigate

Pick a trial on the previous screen and scroll to bottom to choose a [...]

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2018 Meet ups!

IBC Meet up! Rare?  We don’t think so.  We are real women [...]

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The New Normal

People have mentioned I have been awfully quiet lately. I suppose that’s because sometimes I [...]

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One in a Million

We are on the brink of a huge milestone. Read the following or view our [...]

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Kate Strosser

Kate, in a light moment. It is with sorrow we announce the [...]

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Privacy Policy

The IBC Network Foundation strives to take reasonable measures to protect your information, this Policy [...]

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Who do you love?

Please join us for an Instagram challenge by posting a picture of someone you love [...]

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Bo’s IBC Story

We hear all the time, "Why is IBC not more well known?"  IBC is viewed [...]

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What is Pinktober? Love it or hate it, it is coming. Pinktober Race [...]

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Christin’s story

Hi there, I’m Christin! I’m honored to write a guest post for the IBC Network [...]

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Dr. Google can save lives, but also can get it wrong.

Some poor information regarding Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Please see update June 18, 2016 [...]

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The MBC Project

The IBC Network Foundation honored to be a partner with the Metastatic Breast Cancer Project. The [...]

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IBC Treatment Flow Chart

The MD Anderson Invasive Breast Cancer Treatment Algorithm has been updated to include inflammatory breast [...]

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