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Carter Lee, aka “Alligator”

Carter Lee, aka “Alligator”

The Hunt for Hope® is an adventurous scavenger hunt designed to raise funding for and awareness about inflammatory breast cancer (IBC).  Hunts for Hope® have been held throughout the United States, but this year, the Hunt for Hope is coming to Houston!  It is called the Alligator’s Hunt for Hope® Adventure because it is spotlighting native Houstonian, Carter Lee, who was diagnosed with IBC in 2012.  Her friends and family affectionately refer to her as “Alligator”.

The Alligator’s Hunt for Hope® is special because several months ago, MD Anderson’s Morgan Welch IBC Clinic team doctors met to identify research projects they needed funded now.  Specifically they identified a project.   The long-term goal of this research project  is to reduce the mortality of patients with IBC by developing a novel personalized, targeted therapy. This research will expand our understanding on how inflammasome responses in tumor cells affect its surrounding cells in the tumor microenvironment to modulate tumorigenicity and how this crosstalk can be used to develop new therapeutic strategies for IBC patients. This study will justify conducting clinical trials targeting inflammasome for patients with IBC and lead to improvement of overall survival. Further, we can apply the obtained knowledge to other inflammation-driven cancer.

The project will be led by Dr. Jason Lee, who is the Team Leader and Senior Research Scientist in charge of the EDGE (Enhanced Drug-development Guidance and Evaluation) Preclinical Solutions in the Breast Medical Oncology division at MD Anderson.

The donations from the Hunt for Hope®  will go directly to funding this exciting research conducted at MD Anderson.

Importantly, the costs of the event have been underwritten, so all the funds raised will go to financing this hopefully life-saving and life-extending research project.  All donations are tax deductible.  The proceeds from Hunt for Hope® benefit the IBC Network Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt organization and will be earmarked for the selected research project at the MD Anderson Morgan Welch IBC Clinic.

Pictures from the 2019 Alligator’s Hunt for Hope® !